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Help me to locate my lost friends

Here is the list of few of my friends whom I desire to contact. If any body happens to know any of them, please ask him to send an e-mail at or call me on +973-290079 or drop a mail to Pranab Mahapatra, SDU, Citibank N. A., P.O. Box No.548, Manama, Bahrain.

K.S. Sai Kumar
He was scientist in BIT. Later he joined CEDT in Aurangabad. He is from Hyderabad the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India.

K. Ranga Rao.
He was my class mate in Aurangabad. He too belongs to Hyderabad. His father was running an institute.

Anupam Goel
He belongs to UP. His father was a teacher in Dubai when he left for Dubai.

Ranveer Singh Bhati
He was running an institute in Faridabad. Was good friend of mine during my stay in Aurangabad, Maharastra.

Surjit Roy
After he finished his study in Balimela Private College, he left for Madras. Probably he studied AMIE there. At the time I knew him his father was Superintendent Engineer in Balimela Dam Project.

We were studying together in class 3rd and 4th at Balimela Dam Project U.P School, Chitrakonda. His father who was then working as a Physical education Teacher (PET) was transferred. We lost his where about that after.

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