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I am Er. Surendra Kumar Mahapatra, S/o Sj Biswanath Mahapatra & Late Champa Mahapatra of Kotpad, (District-Koraput), Orissa of Indian territory. I was born on 2nd.november 1938 at Kotpad. I am the 4th and the youngest son from among thirteen sisters and brothers of the family. I belong to Hindu Brahmin family.

I studied in Kotpad High School upto 9th class, then 10th&11th(matriculation) in Boudh High School and passed the final examination in 1956. Boudh is about 600 km. from Kotpad and situated on the bank of river Mahanadi in Kandhamal district. The reason for studying there was, our paternal uncle after completing graduation in Agriculture Science from Balwant Rajput College, Agra (Uttar Pradesh) got his first posting in Boudh Mixed Farm in the Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Orissa. At that time Boudh High School was making good results having good teaching staff for which Uncle decided to take me there for study as he used to like me most from my child-hood days.

After completing matriculation, passed Inter. Science from Bikram Deb College, Jeypore,( District-Koraput).Then went to Madras to take coaching in civil engineering for A.M.I.E exams. Our third brother Er Radhanath Mahapatra took all responsibility for my technical study. I could become an engineer mainly due to his own efforts. On this I owe to him very much and give respect next to father. After a successful carrier in the Dept. of Irrigation, Govt. of Orissa I got my retirement from service in November 1998 while serving in Upper Indravati Multipurpose Project, Nabarangapur. Our father being a freedom fighter, the very patriotic blood flow in our body too. During my service carrier as an civil engineer always had a feeling to do something good for the motherland rather than to keep self-interest in front; for which I had difference of opinion with some higher authorities at times and stick to the point till to the end and never let them without yielding. Thank GOD every time I am saved.

While in Indrabati (Khatiguda) I entered into the Prajapita Brahmakumaris Iswariya Viswavidyalaya in April 1991 and continue as a student of the said Spiritual University. Since I sincerely feel that I got a entire new knowledge of life want to dedicate my-self to the Supreme Soul, God father Shiva. As I got my upliftment in life, I meditate on Him for upliftment of others too along with nears and dears, which is the main theme of this spiritual teaching. After retirement I decided to stay in our native place, Kotpad to make aware of the spiritual knowledge to all sisters and brothers of Kotpad and the nearby villages and to construct a house.

I write this bio-graphy while in Manama city of Bahrain State situated in the Middle East. Our son Pranab is working here in Citibank for last 4 years. I with my wife Jyotirmayee came on visit to this island city on 18th December 2000 and will leave for India on 11th March 2001.

Surendrakumar Mahapatra,
Manama, Bahrain.
28th Feb.2001.

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